Why renewable energy is the next industrial revolution

The aim behind this website is to inspire people to get outside more. This can only happen if there is an outside to get to. I love following the ideas of people around the world and their innovative and novel approaches to changing society for the better. Rather than keeping them all to myself however, I’m going to share thesse ideas under the category Sustainable Ideas.

To kick this off, here is a lecture by Jeremy Rifkin on his ideas for the third industrial revolution. In his vision, global energy takes on the lateral connectedness of the internet.  Media was once solely top-down (radio, television), transferring from one voice to many listeners. The internet, however, allows everyone to connect with everyone laterally.

Imagine buildings that produce their own renewable energy from the sun above, the wind blowing on them and the geothermal below, and can then store the energy. Energy is bought and sold between communities and each community gains control over their own energy production, rather than the masses being dependant on one top-down source. If you’re at all interested in energy infrastructure or how human society can rethink itself, it’s a really interesting talk!

If there are thinkers, businesses or leaders with eco-friendly or sustainable ideas that you find interesting, send them my way and I’ll incorporate them into a post.

The cover photo is a disposable camera photo from a friend I guided with on the Missinaibi River. We camped outside this off-the-grid cottage one night.

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