About me

My first experience of wilderness guiding came when I worked at a camp leading two week canoe trips in back country Ontario. My official job title was Voyageur Tripper. It inspired several more summers of working in the wild.

For part of the year I am a student finishing up degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business and for the other part I work as a wilderness guide, leading canoeing, hiking and kayaking trips. I’ve worked throughout backcountry Ontario and in the Canadian Arctic; I’ve lived in French-speaking Quebec and a small city in France. I’m currently completing my last semester in New Zealand.

I love being in the wild. When I graduate, however, I will be working as a management consultant in a bustling city. I know seventy-hour work weeks will make getting outside much more of a challenge.

But I refuse to believe that growing a career in business means I will have to give up my passion for the outdoors, especially paddling and camping. This site is my attempt at helping myself and others incorporate outdoor adventure into their everyday lives, no matter how busy we are.

Some more fun and not-so-fun facts about me:

  1. I have a digital camera, but will always have a soft spot for disposable cameras (they’re much more forgiving when they get wet).
  2. My style can best be described as “about to go on a hike” even if I am doing nothing even remotely related to going on a hike.
  3. I am currently in the process of converting my 1998 hatchback into a hippie van, with mixed success thus far. Stay tuned for progress updates!
  4. Someday I will be the CEO of Lululemon (if I say my dream job enough times will it come true?)
  5. My dream is to own a home with a large enough backyard that I can finally get a husky-mix and I will name her Sequoia and she will be my best friend.

And that’s me. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and posts and they inspire you to get outside!

– Mikaela