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by voyageurtripper

My first experience in the wilderness came from working at camp, leading two week canoe trips in back country Ontario, Canada. My official job title was Voyageur Tripper. It inspired several more summers of working in the wild.

Like one summer in the Canadian Arctic, where I led hiking trips over frozen tundra and kayaked on the arctic ocean. 

Leading kayaking trips on the arctic ocean remains one of the best experiences of my life. It’s also a pretty easy adventure to take if you know what to look (click the photo to learn more).

Or another river guiding in northern Ontario and western Quebec, teaching high school students to paddle Class III whitewater and sleep in tents for a month at a time.

River canoeing is my number one passion. It seems like an intimidating activity to get into, but is easier to get started than you’d like. Click the photo to learn more.

I lived in a small Francophone community in rural Quebec and then a bustling town in the northeast of France. I found homes in both New Zealand and India before finding my way back to Canada.

New Zealand makes for some incredible road trips, with plenty of places to stop for a kayak or hike,

But now, with degrees in business and chemical engineering in tow, I’m trying my hand at a more traditional city job. I want to work in renewable energy because I want to contribute to the preservation of the environments that have meant so much to me.

Yes, my immediate future is sure to be filled with more subway rides than portages; coffee will come from an espresso machine, not a filter press. Temporarily suspending my life in the outdoors is really scary, but writing about adventure and helping others get outside more has become pretty exciting.

I refuse to believe that growing a career in the city means I have to give up my passion for the outdoors. This site is my attempt to help myself and others incorporate outdoor adventure into their everyday lives and be inspired by some incredible people working in the wilderness currently.

Explore my site and feel free to get in touch.

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