5 Reasons to Visit Canada’s Most Underrated Territory (and how to do it affordably)

Close your eyes and imagine Canada's great north, just bursting with unspoiled wilderness and untapped adventure. What do you see? The mountains and pine forests of the Yukon? Likely. Or maybe paddling along one of the powerful rivers of The Northwest Territories? Probably. But did an expanse of boundless tundra, no trees in sight, come to mind? How about sea kayaking between icebergs on the arctic ocean? Not as likely. That's because Canada's youngest territory, Nunavut, is a place seldom spoke of and even less often travelled.

Planning your Great Canadian Road Trip – part 1

I remember once saying that my goal was to visit every national park in Canada. Someone responded "well, you're going to need a lot of time and a lot of money for that." I hadn't appreciated the sheer quantity of parks, nor the immense distance between them all. Many of the parks are far north and difficult to access, but there are still so many to see even if you don't have the luxury of ample time and ample money.