Recommended Books & Films For Change and Inspiration

The following is a compilation of recommended books, films and miscellaneous material I’ve recently found interesting and important. They may shock or disturb you, question the way you see the world, or elicit action for change. It’s a growing list, so check back regularly for new inspiration.

Recommended Reads

The Burning Question isn’t the easiest book to read. It’s packed with so much information that looks at fossil fuels from every lens – environmentalist, economist, politician, consumer, you name it. Hiding in Unnatural Happiness is the exact opposite – you could read it in a single day. It’ll change your outlook on all things material and inspire you to escape into a new society where genuine conversation is the norm and everyone grows their own vegetables.










Recommended Watches

I recently watched The True Cost while actually in India. It’s a powerful movie showcasing the harm caused by the fast fashion industry – from the toxic substances used to grow material, through the horrible working conditions women from developing countries are subjected to, and finally to the landfills and coastlines where 90% of donated clothing ends up. Powerful. A Plastic Ocean is equally powerful. It highlights the consequences of both single use and more durable plastics, and shows that once we throw something out, it stays in our environment pretty much forever. Highly recommended (both are on Netflix in most countries).