How to Spend a Winter Weekend in Banff

by voyageurtripper

I don’t need to waste any of your time telling you how beautiful Banff is or why you definitely need to add it to your bucket list. I will, however, take a moment to say that Banff in the winter is truly magical. Significantly fewer people, snow covered pine trees and mountains tops – it’s the epitome of a winter wonderland. So here are a few of my recommendations for things to do in Banff in the winter.

Things to do in Banff in the Winter

I’m going to assume you’re coming to Banff to see the mountains and beautiful scenery, so I’ve focused this section on doing just that!

Things to do in banff in the winter

Watch the sunrise at Vermilion Lakes

Just outside of Banff is the Vermilion Lakes Scenic Drive.  When you first turn onto the road, you’ll go through a minute of forest and then the left hand side will open up to beautiful lakes and magnificent mountains. Since it’s the winter, the lakes will be frozen and the mountains will be snow capped and it’s a really magical scene at any time of day. I’ve visited this spot a few times and my favourite is definitely at sunrise.

Things to do in banff in the winter

Go skating at Two Jack Lake

This lakes turns into a natural skating rink in the winter, and you’re sure to see a handful of people playing hockey in front of a backdrop of mountains (possibly the most Canadian thing I’ve ever scene). If you don’t have skates you can also walk a on the lake in boots, but this isn’t as fun as having skates.

Things to do in banff in the winter

Check out Lake Minnewanka

This lake is just a little passed Two Jack Lake and has some beautiful views at all times of day. You can walk on the frozen lake to get close to the mountains. There are also a number of places to pull to the side of the road to see the mountains from higher up. Overall, this stop is really nice and an easy one to make!

Things to do in banff in the winter

Explore Lake Louise

Lake Louise is an iconic destination in Banff – and for good reason. It’s absolutely stunning and will leave you breathless (both because of scenery and because of the cold!). Fair warning, Lake Louise gets busy at any time of year. However, the scenery is so beautiful that it’s easy to get distracted by it and forget about the other people around you.

You can also skate on Lake Louise! Unlike at Two Jack Lake, you can rent skates at the Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise, however it get’s pretty busy, so if you can I’d still recommend Two Jack Lake for Skating.

Things to do in banff in the winter 1

Drive along the Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway isn’t a maintained road in the winter, so depending on conditions it may not be open for your trip. Check the Parks Canada report before heading out. I was fortunate enough that the road was open, so I spent about three hours in total driving and taking breaks to walk around.

And it is absolutely stunning. I’m sure it’s beautiful in the summer too, but with all the snow on the mountains and pine trees in the winter it really is a winter wonderland. One of the walks I did was a small portion of the Bow Summit walk (I did 15 minutes each way). This is also a great place to go backcountry skiing if you have experience and some people to accompany you.

The Secret Cave In Jonsthon Canyon

Wander Johnston Canyon

Explore the frozen river amidst looping canyon walls. The Johnston Canyon hike is most popular in the summer, but in the winter you’ll find fewer people and frozen waterfalls – sounds good to me! Johnston’s Canyon even has a secret cave you can explore – I didn’t visit it myself (seemed a little sketchy to do solo) but blogger My Backpacker Life has and she’s written directions on how to find Johnston Canyon’s secret cave.

Ski one of the Big 3

Banff has some really amazing opportunities to going skiing or snowboarding. There are three different ski resorts to choose from: Lake Louise, Sunshine and Mt. Norquay. Single day lift tickets typically range from $80-120 CAD. If you visit Banff for longer than a weekend, you can also get a Ski Big 3 Pass for $300 CAD. I’ve only skied on Lake Louise, so I can’t speak to the others, but wow the skiing blew me away. It was my first time skiing in Western Canada and I couldn’t believe how different is was from skiing in Eastern Canada (the runs are longer, the scenery is nicer, there’s more variety in the runs, overall amazing).

Things to do in banff in the winterWhere to stay in Banff

I’m not going to go into too much detail about where to stay in Banff because this topic has been exhausted on the internet and I’ve always stayed in hostels (except for that time I travel hacked my way to a cheap room at the Fairmont Springs) so I can’t really speak to any other options. That being said, I have stayed at Samesun Banff (hostel) and Banff International Hostel and both were pleasant (I preferred Samsun personally). And of course, my brief time at the Banff Fairmont Springs was just as luxurious as I’d imagined it.

Things to do in banff in the winterWhere to eat in Banff

Since I was staying at a hostel, I cooked all of my meals. I purchased groceries at the IGA in Banff, which I was expecting to be much more expensive than it was. I spent a total of $40 CAD and got enough food for two dinners, two lunches, two breakfasts and snacks. Things to do in banff in the winter

How to get around Banff National Park

Long story short: rent a car.

If you live in the Calgary area and have your own car, definitely use that. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest renting a car for the weekend. Sure, you can take a bus from Calgary to Banff, but once you get there how will you get around? I met other backpackers who hadn’t rented a car and they told me some days they didn’t even leave the town because they weren’t able to hitchhike or guarantee a ride back to town at the end of the day. Rent a car!

If you’re going on your own, it can be a bit expensive. My three day rental came in at $95 CAD (however, I also bought the best insurance and had to pay an expensive underage driver fee).

My best advice for car rentals in the winter

People say you don’t have to worry about getting a 4WD car, and I didn’t. However, if you can afford to pay a little more for the rental I would strongly recommend it (that and ensure your car has snow tires on it). Although the main highway between Calgary and Banff is clear of snow and ice, this isn’t always the case between Banff and Lake Louise, and it definitely won’t be the case for the Icefields Parkway. I experienced a fair amount of anxiety about my car while I was driving, so if I could do it over I would spend a little more on a better car and save myself some piece of mind.

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So what do you think? Are you going to make a spontaneous trip to Alberta now?

And to read more about the Rocky Mountains, check out my interview with Rockies expert and pro photographer Marta Kulesza on how to Maximize Mountains and Minimize Crowds.

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